Who is frankie from jerseylicious dating

He insults her outfit and tells her she looks ridiculous.

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Gigi and Frankie's new friendship forces Gigi's visit to an unusual place.

18 September 2011When Olivia's favorite intern Miguel books a new gig for Gatsby-To-Go, Gayle is thrilled to have an employee bringing in more cash for her business -- but Tracy gets upset when she learns their other intern isn't needed for the job.

Olivia tells him she's been thinking, and she wants to keep seeing him despite what happened with Tracy.

Mikey has been thinking too, he says, and has decided that he doesn't have time for girls right now.

He's not in jail, he's STD-free, and he's not a graffiti artist, Olivia assures her. Mikey, the guy Olivia is seeing, has dated Tracy in the past.

Briella tries to warn her that this is a legitimately stupid idea, but Olivia really likes Mikey.

Tracy, who is also crying, decides to apologize and talk to Olivia, but the issue seems unresolved.

The girls agree to coexist at work, thanks to Anthony's mediation skills.

Plus, Gayle decides to take all of the Gatsby gang to a winery for a staff appreciation day, and Gigi gets into it with the new girl Michelle after she butts into her and Frankie's on-again off-again relationship.

5 August 2012The drama continues to unfold as the cast dishes on this past season's memorable moments including Gigi's heart wrenching break-up with Frankie and the aftermath of their destroyed relationship, Olivia's decision to branch off from Gayle and Anthony's salons, Cathy's hostile attitude toward Gayle at the Gatsby's Gallery of Beauty event and Briella's poor choice in working a side job with Olivia while still employed at Alexa's Glam Factory. Fox puts everyone on the spot when she prods them for hints at what's to come in the next season during part two of the "Jerseylicious" reunion special.

He tells her that this is ridiculous and they should get back together, but Gigi holds her ground.

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