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Jason said that this was a breakthrough for him in portraying the character, giving him valuable insight into both Larry and George.George is the son of Frank Costanza and Estelle Costanza.George has mentioned having a brother a few times on the show though he has never been seen or even given a name.

He attempts to get it back, but after his boss degrades him in public he decides to "slip him a mickey" instead.

George then goes through several jobs struggling to regain employment.

George also seemed to be a lot more fortunate in the beginning of the series, making an $8,000 profit on a stock tip in "The Stock Tip".

George had difficulty handling relationships with women though: for example, he left an angry message on his girlfriend Carol's answering machine and had to swap out the tape to make sure she didn't hear it in "The Phone Message".

Jerry also told Elaine that George had gotten accepted to podiatry school, but nothing ever came of it.

In the beginning of the series, George works as a real estate broker as shown when he tries to find a new apartment for Jerry in "The Robbery".Heyman, whom George tattled on for giving him a wedgie and subsequently got Mr. George and Jerry also frequently hung out at a restaurant called Mario's Pizza, where George got the high score on a Frogger game.George refers to this as the greatest accomplishment of his life.It is noted in some episodes that he can even beat a lie-detector test.When Jerry tells Elaine about his plan of beating a lie detector instead of somehow avoiding it, she replies, "Who do you think you are, Costanza?Like Kramer, he would often concoct elaborate plots to weasel out of relational, financial, or legal obligations, always with unexpected and negative consequences.

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