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So who's the new gorgeous gal in Valderrama's life?Well, it seems as though he's courting actress Minka Kelly, who apparently just ended things once and for all with baseball star Derek Jeter.

Shortly after teen star Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas called it quits in mid-2010, she was linked to 30-year-old Valderrama.

The budding songstress was reportedly crushed by the breakup, and her rep claimed the new dating rumors were false -- the actor was just "being supportive of his friend during this difficult time." Still, the relationship buzz persisted.

For Wilmer, this journey was particularly important as the country is currently facing "a lot of negativity" especially when it comes to the conversation about immigration. Related: Demi SHADES Nicki Minaj After Instagram Snub! After recently dragging a fan online for their mermaid-themed fan art, it's come out that the 24-year-old has decided to take Taylor head on as she bashed the singer's squad during an interview with cast is absolutely heartbroken over the passing of Gary Glasberg.

Related: Wilmer Mourns Late Is there a new power couple in the works? Although the A-listers arrived and exited the restaurant separately, it's said they were enjoying each other's company inside. As we're sure you're aware, there are a lot of rumors out there about why Miz Swift and Perry are at odds with each other as the two have thrown jabs back and forth over the years, and it seems like D. CBS confirmed the longtime showrunner died in his sleep on Wednesday, at 50 years old.

Related: José Fernández's Ex Mourns The Late Athlete And, while the cast and crew issued a statement on the New York native's death, the series' stars didn't feel that was enough.

Wilmer Valderrama, Pauley Perrette, Michael Weatherly, and more famous faces from the wildly popular crime show took to Twitter to mourn the on Tuesday night to promote her NBC drama, but ended up telling Andy Cohen all about her complicated relationships with both Minka Kelly and Wilmer Valderrama! For those of you who don't remember, Mandy dated Wilmer for a hot sec back when they were teenagers in the late '90s/early '00s and is currently BFFs with Minka…She and Valderrama had a brief fling, then both went on their merry ways. Neither star has ever confessed to dating, but they were awfully close while filming the hit show. They dated on and off from 2001 to 2002 and kept their relationship relatively private.Years later Valderrama graciously rated her as an "8" on Howard Stern's show. For the record, Kunis was just 16 at the time the dating rumors went around. But, all bets were off a few years after they broke up.This unlikely couple got together in October 2009, right after she divorced Deryck Whibley, and only lasted through New Year's.They'd reportedly been friends for years, but didn't work so well as a couple.Months later Lovato and Valderrama were seen smooching but the rekindled romance didn't last long.

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